Ali Javid is an architect, and educator at Univeristy Western of Australia, school of design.

architect, educator, researcher

Ali Javid has more than 12 years of experience in architectural practice and pedagogy. He has collaborated in the design and construction of architectural projects in various scales such as residential, commercial and high-rise towers. Since 2018, He has been a PhD candidate at University Western of Australia, School of Design. His main interests lie in history and theory of architectural pedagogy, transformative pedagogy, and merging research and design in practical and pedagogical design studios. His PhD focuses on a nexus between socio-political changes such as revolutions, civil movements and pedagogical design studios.

Phd in Architecture, UWA, school of Design (2018-2022)

Past Experiences

Senior Architect at Bana Pars project management & construction http://www.banapars.com/
(2012 – 2018)

Co-founder and Senior Architect at Praxis Architecture Office
(2010 – Present)

Co-founder of Architecture Tuesdays Seminars and discussions events
(2016 – 2017)

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